Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC offers the knowledge, experience and insight that clients need. Our attorneys provide comprehensive legal services across a wide spectrum of practice areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

With offices in New York and New Jersey, the law firm is able to assist the clients with the following:


Contract Review, Preparation, Bidding and Negotiation:

The law firm offers the knowledge and intuition necessary to effectively protect clients' interests with contracts that need to be reviewed and evaluated; with the preparation of new contracts and subcontracts for your business; and with negotiating to get clients the best possible contractual advantage. We can offer prior experience with all types of contracts, from public contracts valued at over $300 million dollars to residential home improvement contracts.

Construction Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation:

We actively pursue the interests of our clients at mediation, arbitration, and trial and are skilled at representing clients with disputed change orders and extras delays; defective performance; and all other breaches of contractual obligations.

Mechanics/Construction Liens:

We are skilled in the preparation and filing of both private and public liens that will provide the leverage necessary to secure timely payment of monies owed. While other non-legal entities will claim to do it cheaper, we have found that our rates are comparable and, more importantly, we will assist you with determining your rights under these laws rather than just preparing forms without regard for whether they are correct.

Bond Claims:

Most public projects and some private projects require that a Performance Bond and Payment Bond be put in place. These bonds provide rights to owners and certain subcontractors and suppliers. We can help you determine your rights under the bond and file the required notice so that your rights are protected.

Residential Construction:

Home Improvement Contracting is a highly regulated area of the law. Both homeowners and home improvement contractors must know the various laws and codes that collectively govern their relationship. We can help contractors with compliance with these requirements and advise homeowners on whether their contractor has complied with the requirements. Act quickly to ensure that your rights are protected.

School/Municipal Construction:

With experience litigating against public agencies and organizations, the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski can aggressively represent boards of education, municipal offices, and other public entities in new construction, expansions, and construction litigation.

Construction Debt Collection:

Sometimes your work was performed correctly and on time and an owner, contractor or subcontractor just fails to pay you. We will pursue your rights under the Prompt Payment laws of New York and New Jersey, which were created to expedite your right to payment. These laws generally allow for the payment of interest and attorneys' fees if you prevail.

Green Construction:

The need to preserve the environment and the natural resources it provides has led to the advent of Green construction. Although most people think that Green only means LEED, there are many competing organizations with different standards that have made construction in this area fraught with uncertainty. The Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski supports clients pursuing Green construction and can help guide them with whatever Green standard they are pursuing.


Commercial Litigation:

Our attorneys aggressively represent clients in pursuing or defending disputes that arise between businesses, suppliers, construction workers, and other professionals.

Insurance Coverage Claims:

Nothing is worse than paying insurance premiums just to have your insurance company tell you that you are not covered. Insured have rights that can be pursued. Do not sit on your rights. Act quickly if you have been denied coverage and call our attorneys and let us help you get the coverage to which you are entitled.


Business Formation:

Our law firm will assist you with the selection of the proper business entity to form and then will establish that entity for you. We will work with your accountant to ensure that you receive the best tax advantage. After the entity is established, we will prepare the agreements by which the business will operate so that you can immediately start working with your new company.

Ongoing Business Concerns:

We can prepare shareholder and operating agreements; assist with commercial financing; buy or sell businesses or assist with winding down a business entity. We can also assist you with some employment matters such as the opposing interests of employers and employees with non-compete and confidentiality agreements. Call us to discuss your situation.


Real Estate Development:

The Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski handles financing, zoning, construction, sale, and commercial leasing for real estate development. The law firm is experienced handling subdivision development, condominium development, and other land development.

Commercial Real Estate:

In conjunction with their construction and real estate development practices, the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski skillfully represents clients in commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions, commercial leasing, financing, and other commercial real estate matters.

Residential Real Estate:

The purchase or sale of a residential property is one of the biggest transactions that an individual will ever enter into. That is why you need attorneys with experience in this area of law. We will guide and assist you through the process so that you are well informed every step of the way.

Landlord/Tenant Matters:

When a tenancy runs smoothly, everyone is happy. However, when tenants are not paying rent or landlords are not providing services litigation is inevitable. We can help Commercial and Residential Landlords and Commercial Tenants with these appearances so that your rights are protected.

Environmental Law:

Whether guiding clients with site cleanup issues, assisting with obtaining environmental permits or any other environmental law concerns, clients turn to the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski for the resources to answer their questions.