Residential Construction Attorneys in New Jersey and New York

Residential Construction is probably the most risky and litigious area of construction law. Both new home construction and home improvement projects are highly regulated. There is little room for error. In order to be successful, a contractor must understand and abide by the laws that govern this work. Even a minor failure to comply with construction law can result in a contractor paying treble damages, attorneys' fees and court costs. Further complicating compliance is the fact that the laws that govern this work cannot be found in one place. In New York, for example, a home improvement contractor in New York City must follow both the State Home Improvement Laws and the New York City Home Improvement Laws.

Additionally, a Home Improvement Contractors' contract must contain required language. For instance, in New Jersey, a home improvement contract must include, among other things, "[a] copy of the certificate of commercial general liability insurance ... and the telephone number of the insurance company issuing the certificate." Failure to include this necessary language is considered an "unlawful" practice punishable under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

Homeowners must also be vigilant when hiring a Home Improvement Contractor. If you are hiring a Home Improvement Contractor for a scope of work that exceeds $500, there must be a contract. If you do not understand the law or the home improvement contract, it is advisable for you to seek counsel from the construction law attorneys at the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC and have our lawyers protect your interests. Similarly, if you are a Home Improvement Contractor and need help understanding the law and drafting a contract, contact us for a consultation.

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